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About the Manoir de l'Aumônerie

Historical monument located in Normandy, near Rouen, between the Seine and the Roumare forest, the Manoir de l'Aumônerie would have been built around 1214 by the Templars.
Famille de Saint-Seine au Manoir de l'Aumônerie

We have been living in this historic place since 2018 with our two children.  We have undertaken a major restoration of the estate with the financial help of our public and private sponsors.

For us, this place is magical and holds many historical secrets just waiting for you to discover.

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Le Mécénat aide à la restauration du Manoir de l'Aumônerie


The restoration of this historic monument is largely thanks to public and private financial support

Ce que dit la presse du Manoir de l'Aumônerie


The Manor makes the front page of the regional newspapers! Find out what is said about this place...

Le Manoir de l'Aumônerie fait partie du cercle des audacieux du patrimoine

Audacious Heritage

Erwan and Sophie-Isabelle are part of the network of Audacieux du Patrimoine at the service of innovation and sustainability

Histoire du Manoir de l'Aumônerie


Discover the history of this estate which began in the 13th century thanks to the Templars

Visite du site du Manoir de l'Aumônerie

Site visit

Virtually discover the Manoir de l'Aumônerie and what its buildings represented when they were created...

Travaux de restauration du Manoir de l'Aumônerie


Since 2018, we have been undertaking renovations to restore the Manoir to its yesteryear colors.

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