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Audacious Heritage

Sophie-Isabelle & Erwan are part of the Audacieux du Patrimoine network
Manoir de l'Aumônerie - Label Audacieux du Patrimoine

Our purpose

  1. Designing an enthusiastic and inspiring future for historical monuments.

  2. To prove that innovative and efficient economic models can contribute to the safeguarding and transmission of heritage, as well as to the dynamics of territories.

  3. Reinstate heritage at the center of societal challenges: the economy, society and the environment.

The Manoir de l'Aumônerie is a member of the Audacieux du Patrimoine network.

The Audacieux du Patrimoine network brings together owner-managers of historic family monuments who professionally develop a sustainable economic activity.

Respectful of the history, the identity of the sites and the environment, their activities are able to ensure the safeguarding, development and sustainability of the sites.

By innovating and increasing the skills of its members, the Audacieux du Patrimoine network makes it possible to bring out and share profitable economic models while revealing the socio-economic potential of heritage.

The Audacieux du Patrimoine embody a living and inhabited heritage, carrying a soul.

Our goals

The network of Audacieux du Patrimoine allows its members to share good practices, feedback, the implementation of innovations that create meaning and value, shared actions in order to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Develop and share profitable business models

  2. Helping to increase the skills of network members

  3. Become a laboratory of ideas and innovations

  4. Increase awareness of the network and our businesses

  5. Revealing the socio-economic potential of heritage

  6. Inspire other actors, by embodying the avant-garde of the sector

The portrait of a Bold

  1. A monument owner-manager who deploys, in a professional manner, a sustainable economic activity, respecting the spirit of the place.

  2. The active member of an innovative, collaborative and inspiring network

  3. A passionate person eager to share experiences and emotions with a variety of audiences

  4. An economic actor registering his action in a logic of sustainable development.

  5. An actor who participates in the re-enchantment of the vision of heritage.

Our values




The Pact of the Dauntless

The Audacieux du Patrimoine gather around a common frame of reference embodied by this pact for a living and active heritage.

Like a label, the Pacte des Audacieux defines and guarantees the network's approach, vision and ambition. To join the network, each member undertakes to respect it, in a process of progression, for the management and enhancement of its heritage site.

Manoir de l'Aumônerie - Pacte des Audacieux du Patrimoine
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