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Become a patron of the Chaplaincy Manor,
Participate in its restoration. 

Located near Rouen in the loops of the Norman Seine, the Manoir de l'Aumônerie was built in 1214 by the Templars. The same year as the birth of Saint Louis! It is one of the rare testimonies of Gothic civil architecture.


It has been protected by registration as a Historic Monument since 1974. A major restoration of the estate has been underway since 2018.


A major restoration of the estate has been undertaken since 2018.

Among many projects, We need your help for a major project!


Nearly €300,000 are needed for a first phase of work which will restore the masonry and fully recreate the framework and the roof. The restoration of the Manoir de l'Aumônerie is supervised and supported by the DRAC of Normandy and is carried out with Norman craftsmen who master ancestral know-how:

-Wooden frame by the carpenters Rémy and Loïc Desmonts (27)
-Size and masonry by the stonemason Philippe Moreau (76)
- Roof in old flat tiles by the roofer Franck Demeilliers (76)

As part of the Stéphane Bern Mission, thanks in particular to the organization of the "Mission Patrimoine" games of the Française des jeux, the Heritage Foundation has provided support for the preservation of the Pressoir du Manoir de l'Aumônerie (Ferme des templiers ) in Saint Martin de Boscherville.

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Become a patron

Support Norman heritage! 

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Your donation is tax-deductible

I give 150 € , my donation allows to finance one square meter of flat tiles.

I am an individual , I deduct 66%, or €99, from my income tax.
My donation only costs me 51 € .

I am a company , I deduct 60%, or €90, from corporation tax.
My donation only costs me 60 € .

And thank you to all our public and private partners and patrons who make this restoration project possible.
Manoir de l'Aumônerie - Mécènes
Manoir de l'Aumônerie - Mécènes
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